SharpCap 2.6.1768

This release is largely a maintenance release, fixing a number of minor bugs that have either crept in recently or been lurking undiscovered in the code for a while. The only new feature is the extension of the frame timestamping option to some DirectShow cameras (only currently supported for MONO8 and RGB24 colour space capture). […]

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SharpCap 2.6.1711

The biggest change in this version is the addition of new Live Stacking functionality. More details on this can be found on its feature page. Additional changes include: Frame timestamp option for ZWO and Altair cameras New ‘Display Controls’ section lets you change brightness/contrast/gamma used for display without affecting saved images Fix gremlins in new […]

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SharpCap 2.6

SharpCap 2.6 includes a complete re-write of the controls panel user interface. The old controls panel did it’s job fairly well, but was becoming cumbersome as newer cameras add more and more controls that can be adjusted. Not only that, it had an embarrasing flicker under some circumstances when resized or clicked on. It was […]

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SharpCap 2.5.1548

This is mostly a bugfix release – tidying up quite a few bugs (small and large), some of which have been lurking since the changes between 2.1 and 2.5. The one new feature is an ‘Auto’ button on the output format control, so that you can either control the output format manually or allow SharpCap […]

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What’s new in SharpCap 2.5.1490

The last couple of months have been largely filled with bug-fixing in SharpCap world. Once again a big thank you for those that take the time to send crash reports or to report bugs via the forums or via email. In this version I have added a couple of improvements to bug reporting – a […]

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SharpCap 2.5.1421

This is hopefully the first release build of SharpCap 2.5. There are very few changes between the previous released beta build (1406) and this build. Aside from bug fixes, the only major changes are the removal of the time limit that is present in beta builds and the removal of the ‘Preview’ menu button. The […]

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SharpCap 2.5.1406 – Beta 4

Well, I wasn’t initially planning on any more beta releases, but here we are anyway. A couple of unpleasant bugs fixed with ASCOM mount control (which will teach me that developing against the EQMOD simulator can only get you so far) and a few other issues cleaned up too. Still working on getting the focus […]

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SharpCap 2.5.1378 – Beta 3

A smaller set of updates this time around, some tweaks and improvements to previous features and a number of bug fixes. Improvements to Bahtinov focus assistant when selecting a small area Proper 16 bit image support for FWHM and contrast detection focus scores FWHM focus score will warn if target star saturates or selected area […]

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SharpCap 2.5.1362 – Beta 2

Quite a substantial set of changes since the first beta, including Added ‘tip of the day’ at startup. Will slowly add more tips. Hopefully will increase visibility of features. Improved performance when Debayering raw frames from colour cameras – higher frame rates on ASI174MC and lower CPU usage. Provide feedback if you try to adjust […]

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SharpCap 2.5.1297 Beta

This is the first beta of SharpCap 2.5 – here’s a quick rundown of what’s new Where have the menu items gone? Many have moved to the new Settings Dialog which is in the File Menu. Mount control of ASCOM mounts – look in the Hardware tab of the Settings Dialog Improved control over how […]

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