SharpCap 2.5.1421

This is hopefully the first release build of SharpCap 2.5. There are very few changes between the previous released beta build (1406) and this build. Aside from bug fixes, the only major changes are the removal of the time limit that is present in beta builds and the removal of the ‘Preview’ menu button. The preview button was a relic from the days when SharpCap was a based heavily on the AmCap sample code provided by Microsoft. Amcap had a preview button, so SharpCap did too. However it doesn’t really do anything useful all cameras start previewing when you select them, so it is gone now.

There is one significant bug fix in this build. It seems that somehow the auto-update functionality is broken in 2.5.2406 (and possibly earlier beta builds). I still don’t quite understand what changed to break it, but it is fixed in this build. If you have installed a build between the last 2.1 release and this build you may find you need to update manually to this build.

As usual, the installer can be found on the download page.

(Yes, it did once say 2.5.2421 in the title – that was just a typo)