Downloading and Installing SharpCap

Sharpcap runs on Microsoft Windows – you should choose the version of SharpCap to install based on your version of Windows.

Windows 7 (with SP1), 8.1, 10 Use SharpCap 3.2 or 3.1
Windows Vista (with SP2), 7 (no SP), 8 Use SharpCap 3.0
Windows XP Use SharpCap 2.9

After you have downloaded, why not read the documentation, follow SharpCap on Facebook or find out how you can Support SharpCap.

SharpCap 3.2 Downloads

You can read about the new features in SharpCap 3.2. Documentation is available here.

SharpCap Pro: SharpCap 3.2 contains some functionality that requires a SharpCap Pro license. Find out more about what SharpCap Pro here. See what’s included in the Free and Pro versions here.

Latest Version
Download Version 3.2.5911.0
10 January 2019
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Option for logarithmic horizontal axis on Live Stack Histogram
  • Stronger/Weaker auto-stretch when control/shift clicking the button
  • Bug fixes
Previous Versions
Download Version 3.2.5906.0
30 December 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Improvements to flat frame capture and correction
  • Allow focuser moves while temperature compensation active (requires ASCOM 6.4 and updated ASCOM drivers)
  • Bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5897.0
20 December 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5892.0
08 December 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Updated Altair SDK – fixes problems with 294C camera on USB2
Download Version 3.2.5884.0
04 December 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Add live stacking status to the status bar
  • Add configuration option to make SharpCap prompt for confirmation of shutdown
  • Bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5879.0
25 November 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fixes to flat correction in live stacking
  • Fix cameras menu not opening properly via shortcut key
Download Version 3.2.5874.0
21 November 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix cooler turning off on exposure change on some high resolution Altair cameras on USB2
Download Version 3.2.5871.0
16 November 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix problem with Python scripting standard library
  • Fix smart Histogram Brain black level calculation
  • Improve Altair auto exposure and extend to a max of 60 seconds
Download Version 3.2.5867.0
12 November 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Updated Altair SDK for new camera models
Download Version 3.2.5865.0
02 November 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • ZWO Cameras – updated SDK
  • Celestron/Imaging Source Cameras – updated SDK
  • Bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5856.0
30 October 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix missing intellisense on code suggestions in script console
  • Fix failure to log stack traces of secondary threads in bug reports in some circumstances
  • Display camera serial number if 2 or more QHY cameras of same type connected
Download Version 3.2.5846.0
27 October 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix crash when trying to use the virtual folder monitor camera without a license
  • Fix issue with repeated mount and filter wheel errors after failure to initially connect
Download Version 3.2.5840.0
23 October 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix capture speed issue on high speed cameras
  • Fix vertical stripes when using flat with bias value in Live Stacking
  • Multi Star FWHM reports value of 20 if less than 10 stars detected
  • Fix naming of FITS files in regions where dates are DD/MM/YY
  • Fix folder naming for live stack raw and processed files to match live stack manually saved files
  • Prevent a flat frame being seleced via the create flat window if the CPU does not suppor flat frames (no SSE4 support)
  • Various bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5825.0
17 October 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Show status updates when waiting for connection to ASCOM hardware
  • Fix no expousre, gain info in FITS headers saved from ASCOM camera
  • Limit minimum bias frame exposure when capturing flat to 1ms
  • Fix rare case of crash when applying flat frame correction
  • Improve calculation of hot pixel threshold when capturing dark
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5793.0
10 October 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
Live Stacking Improvements:

  • Noise reduction and sharpening
  • Saturation control
  • PHD2 dithering support
  • Option to save exactly as seen on screen
  • Expanded control view when in two monitor mode

Other Changes:

  • Folder monitor virtual camera (process existing image files)
  • Much improved night mode
  • Two monitor mode
  • Filename template improvements
  • Flat frame capture includes subtracting bias
  • Horizontal Banding Suppression
  • Many bug fixes

Remember that installing SharpCap 3.2 will not uninstall SharpCap 3.1 (or other earlier versions). This means that you can go back to an earlier version if you encounter any problems (do remember to report any problems you find though!)

You can find very old versions of SharpCap here.