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Downloading and Installing SharpCap

Sharpcap depends on the Microsoft .NET Framework, which you'll need to install before trying to run SharpCap. If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will already have this installed. On Windows XP, you may need to install it from this link.

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SharpCap 2.7 Beta Downloads

SharpCap 2.6 Downloads

Download Version 2.6.1850
md5 : 54594b73e9a3f749b1bb0a2cfd23e674
Updates to ZWO, Altair SDK, hopefully fix some webcam issues

Download Version 2.6.1844
md5 : 165458393a5860441828e655c79e4b91

Bug fixes to Live Stacking and Frame Timestamping

Download Version 2.6.1835
md5 : 18154caa6cb5f71277baf6a0e6954e06
Live stacking available for webcams, ZWO ASI174 noise reduction and bug fixes

Download Version 2.6.1768
md5 : 848885a543c68f6d831336a868501ac8
Many minor bug fixes


Download Version 2.6.1740    Bug fix for many frame grabber (EZCap) devices

SharpCap 2.5 Downloads

Download Version 2.5.1548    Release Notes

Download Version 2.5.1510    Bug fix release

Download Version 2.5.1490    Show Changes    (Removed, use version 2.5.1510 instead)

Download Version 2.5.1428    Show Changes   

Download Version 2.5.1421    Show Changes    

Older Builds

Note that the installers for some older versions below this point have been removed and the links will not work. The most recent release of each version should still be available in the old build archive.

SharpCap 1.5 downloads

Download Version 1.5.344    Various bugfixes and Ximea (mono) support
Download Version 1.5.328    Show Changes
Download Version 1.5.316    Fixes missing file in installer, Basler Scout
Download Version 1.5.312    Fixes problem with Basler Scout
Download Version 1.5.311    Fixes Capture Profile load crash
Download Version 1.5.310    Show Changes
Download Version 1.5.309    ASI130MM/MC support
Download Version 1.5.308    LX mode fix & fix wrong colour space name
Download Version 1.5.307    Show Changes
Download Version 1.5.304

Version 1.4 downloads

Download Version 1.4.213      Show Changes

Version 1.3 downloads

Download Version 1.3.118      Show Changes
Download Version 1.3.117      Show Changes
Download Version 1.3.114      Show Changes

Download Version 1.2.35        Show Changes

You can download even older versions of SharpCap here.

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