Support and Troubleshooting


If SharpCap crashes with a message about sending a bug report then please just press the ‘Send and Quit’ button. As long as your computer is connected to the internet a crash report will be uploaded and I will be able to review the bug and hopefully find a fix. Please note that I will focus on the issues that are happening to more than one person.

The best way to get in touch about any issues is to post at the SharpCap Forums. You can also find useful tips and technique discussions there.


If you have problems with SharpCap, the first thing to do is to make sure you have updated to the latest version – maybe that’s all you need to do…

If you are still having problems, try the following steps :

  • If you have any other Video related software installed (particularly camera software packs or drivers), update them to the latest available version or try uninstalling them. Some crashes have been caused by buggy Codecs installed by video camera driver packs.
  • If SharpCap crashes on startup, try starting up with the CTRL key pressed down – this stops SharpCap from connecting to the default camera at startup. Sometimes one camera will cause a crash but another will work fine.
  • If some camera controls don’t do anything to the picture then that’s probably normal. SharpCap shows the controls that the driver claims the camera implements. Sometimes the drivers lie.
  • If the problem isn’t a crash, just that something doesn’t work right, let me know, giving as much detail as you can about what happens and why you’d expect it to do something different.

Please always include details of the camera you’re using and the operating system when reporting a bug.