Thanks To

A big thanks to all of those who have helped me with the development of SharpCap, including

  • Dave (‘turfpit’) at the SharpCap Forums, author of the awesome user guide.
  • Gary Palmer for providing invaluable suggestions and testing feedback.
  • Dion at Astronomy Shed, chief beta tester and feature suggester.
  • Sam at ZWO Optical for providing a selection of their cameras for development and testing.
  • Dan at for supplying a Basler Ace camera for development and testing.
  • Nick at Altair Astro, for providing cameras to develop and test with.
  • Luigi at f1Telescopes for providing Celestron cameras to test with.
  • Roger at M42 Optic for providing an iNova camera for development and testing.
  • Rupert at Astrograph Ltd for providing Point Grey cameras to develop and test with.
  • Michael at StarlightXpress for providing a LodeStar X2 to test with.
  • Qiu Hongyun at QHY CCD and Bern at Modern Astronomy for providing a QHY camera for development and testing.
  • Midpoint over at Stargazers Lounge for contributing the capture limit code.
  • Heiko Wilkens, author of LucamRecorder for allowing me to use the SER file format.
  • Everyone who has made a donation via Paypal or purchased the SharpCap Pro license – your contributions help SharpCap continue to grow and improve.
  • All the users on the SharpCap,  SGL and Astronomy Shed forums who’ve used the software, suggested new features and helped me track down bugs.