SharpCap 3.0 Downloads

SharpCap 3.0 Downloads

Windows Vista: if you have trouble installing on Windows Vista, try version 3.0.4079.

NOTE: If your camera is not detected, you may need to install the SharpCap Pre-Requisites Installer. You only need to do this once, not for every new version of SharpCap you install.

SharpCap Pro: SharpCap 3.0 contains some functionality that requires a SharpCap Pro license. Find out more about what SharpCap Pro and the features that require a license here.

Latest Version
WINDOWS 7/8/10:
Download Version 3.0.4078.0
05 May 2018
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Download Version 3.0.4079.0
Virus Total Scan Report

  • EULA Update for GDPR
  • Windows Vista Compatible build (3.0.4079 – lower link)
Previous Versions
Download Version 3.0.4076.0
14 January 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix application closing on rescan for cameras without ASCOM installed
Download Version 3.0.4075.0
08 January 2018
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  • Fix size of notification bar on high DPI monitors
Download Version 3.0.4074.0
29 December 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Further improvements to auto-update flow
  • Fix a minor scripting issue
Download Version 3.0.4067.0
26 December 2017
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  • Improve auto-update flow in preparation for further future updates
Download Version 3.0.4057.0
21 December 2017
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  • Fix auto-update crash and missing version number in 3.0.4040
Download Version 3.0.4040.0
13 December 2017
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  • Digitally signed installer
Download Version 3.0.4017.0
29 November 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Updated Altair SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Updated ZWO SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Updated QHY SDK to support new models and bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.4008.0
05 September 2017
Virus Total Scan Report

  • Updated Altair SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Updated ZWO SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Updated QHY SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Fix crash when moving ROI position on ZWO cameras
Download Version 3.0.4002.0
06 July 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix bug that caused deletion of multiple snapshots instead of just the most recent one when “Delete last capture” is used
  • Work around Orion G3 ASCOM bug – camera can’t report it’s maximum binning 🙁
  • Allow *.fit files to be opened as well as *.fits
  • Fix issue where failure to write capture settings file was crashing live stacking
Download Version 3.0.3994.0
24 June 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Multiple minor bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3971.0
31 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • ASCOM Mounts – Fix rates not detected for ASCOM mounts that only allow specific rates
  • ASCOM Mounts – Deal with disconnection gracefully
  • ASCOM Focuser – Deal with disconnection gracefully (particularly POTH)
  • ASCOM Filter Wheel – wait for wheel to complete rotation before returning to the UI
  • Attempt fix for Point Grey cameras where certain controls will not work in absolute mode
  • ZWO Cameras – better handling of camera being disconnected between detection and opening it.
  • ASCOM Camera – try to work reliably with Atik ASCOM driver
  • Polar Alignment – fix overlay on saved images when polar aligning and exposure >1s
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3956.0
22 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Show notification during polar alignment index building
  • Fix issues with Live Stacking when viewing individual frames
  • Fix error in ASCOM mount connection for some mounts
  • Fix built in site-packages not found by scripting
Download Version 3.0.3948.0
20 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix issues with cameras that are an odd (as in not even) number of pixels wide
  • Fix problem with errors caused by scripting crashing the app rather than being reported to the script
  • PGR cameras – second try at crash bug fix
  • ASCOM mount control bug fixes
  • Prevent bug reports being sent for known issues caused by buggy ASCOM drivers.
Download Version 3.0.3936.0
18 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Point Grey cameras – fix bug causing crash on selection of some models
  • Basler cameras – add missing DLL to installer – no longer need to install Pylon in developer mode
  • Fix rare crash when closing histogram
  • QHY GPS cameras – better timestamp handling, more FITS headers added
  • ASCOM cameras – fix intermittent crash when closing camera
  • ASCOM mounts – assume mounts that can’t report their tracking rate are at Sidereal rate
  • Live Stacking – fix crash when trying to save stack with no frames in it yet
  • ZWO cameras – try to deal more gracefully with loss of camera while in use
  • Scripting – replace invalid characters when saving to specified file path.
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3906.0
13 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix wrong colour space in SER header when using flip with ZWO (introduced in 3901)
  • Fix problem with certain webcams not being able to change resolution or other properties after opening correctly initially
  • Prevent SharpCap from being installed on unsupported platforms
  • Unsupported platforms are: Windows XP and earlier, Windows Vista with no SP or with SP1, Windows 7 with no SP)
  • More diagnostics to try to track down other issues
Download Version 3.0.3901.0
12 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Altair Cameras – fix RAW bayer patterns for new models
  • ZWO Cameras – fix RAW bayer pattern when using flip and forcing the pattern
  • Enforce control ranges when loading capture profiles
  • Fix reading of capture profiles that have incorrect decimal separator characters
  • Better naming of capture settings file when capturing multiple frames in PNG/FITS
  • Add capture timestamp to capture settings file
  • ZWO Cameras – fix sensor temperature not being used in dark file path on non-cooled cameras
  • Scripting – extra option when using Camera.CaptureSingleFrameTo to suppress use of currently viewed frame
  • Additional logging to help track down other bugs
Download Version 3.0.3888.0
08 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Live stacking – fix crash with cameras whose width is not a multiple of two pixels
  • ASCOM Mount Control – allow mounts to connect for plate solving even if they cannot support the MoveAxis command
  • Capture Profiles – Improvements to the UI, add a ‘Load’ button to the profile manager
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3881.0
06 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • QHY GPS Cameras – improved timestamps to FITS, allow System clock to be set to GPS time
  • ASCOM Mounts – handle parked mounts correctly, allow mounts to be parked/unparked
  • Live Stacking – fix individual frames not being saved when using RAW modes
  • Live Stacking – clear history correctly on reset of stack
  • Allow test cameras to load JPG files
  • Various minor bug fixes and crash fixes
Download Version 3.0.3867.0
04 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Updated QHY SDK – fixes Minicam5s-C being reported as mono
  • Increase precision of timestamp written to FITS headers
  • Fix for non GigE Point Grey cameras not being detected correctly
  • Fix for crash if you clicked ‘Start’ twice on the start capture form
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3861.0
02 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report

New features include live flat frame correction, plate solving, focus assistance, live stacking and polar alignment improvements. Read more.

SharpCap 3.0 now includes SharpCap Pro. SharpCap Pro gives you access to advanced features for a low annual license fee of £10 and helps support future SharpCap development.

Build 3861 replaces build 3855 – fixing the following issues:

  • Main window staying disabled after capturing a dark or flat with no license installed
  • Crash caused by buggy ASCOM Simulator camera (camera no longer shown)
  • Crashes caused by ‘path is of the incorrect format’ when saving to AVI or opening wecams on some systems.