What’s new in SharpCap 2.5.1490

The last couple of months have been largely filled with bug-fixing in SharpCap world. Once again a big thank you for those that take the time to send crash reports or to report bugs via the forums or via email. In this version I have added a couple of improvements to bug reporting – a way to submit a bug report without having to have the program crash (it’s in the Help menu) and a ‘Copy Log Text’ button on the Log view window.

Other changes include :

  •         Many UI bug fixes, particularly fixing issues when the camera controls are in auto-hide mode.
  •         Fix Out Of Memory errors when capturing very large resolution frames
  •         Add a menu item to manually report a bug. Also a copy log text button on the Log window.
  •         Fix bug with corrupted single frame snapshots from some DirectShow cameras
  •         Add initial support for Altair cameras
  •         Fixes to scripting support, including a stop script button
  •         Many general bug fixes based on uploaded bug reports

As always, you can download the latest version from the downloads page. I will make it available by auto-update in a few days time.