SharpCap 2.5.1548

This is mostly a bugfix release – tidying up quite a few bugs (small and large), some of which have been lurking since the changes between 2.1 and 2.5.

The one new feature is an ‘Auto’ button on the output format control, so that you can either control the output format manually or allow SharpCap to pick the most appropriate format for you. SharpcCap will chose a video file format for exposures of less than 5s and a still image file format for longer exposures. You can choose your preferred video and still file formats in the settings dialog, but in certain cases your preferred option may not be available – for instance SER files can’t contain RGB video data.

Bug fixes include

  • Fix missing DLL that stopped ASCOM mount support from working
  • Fix bug with some DirectShow cameras creating transparent snapshot bitmaps in PNG format
  • Optimize memory usage when used with very high resolution cameras to avoid out of memory problems
  • Fix SER file frame timestamps
  • Fix filter wheel wrong filter bugs
  • Fix capturing a sequence of single frames
  • Fix incorrectly reported dropped frames on ASI cameras

As always, the installer can be found on the downloads page.