SharpCap 2.6.1768

This release is largely a maintenance release, fixing a number of minor bugs that have either crept in recently or been lurking undiscovered in the code for a while. The only new feature is the extension of the frame timestamping option to some DirectShow cameras (only currently supported for MONO8 and RGB24 colour space capture). There are also some minor tweaks to improve usability.

Other changes include

  • Set default values for some properties on QHY cameras more sensibly when camera is first started
  • Improve control layout for iNova and ASCOM cameras
  • Fix bug with some USB video grabbers which would not start due to trying to select highest resolution when starting camera
  • Fix bug when selecting 2×2 binning on Altair GPCAM cameras; updated Altair SDK
  • Fix bug leading to creation of capture profiles with duplicated entries and failure to re-load them later
  • Fix failure to limit captures by frame count correctly for certain DirectShow cameras
  • Fix various crashes from submitted bug reports

As always, the installer is available from the download page.