SharpCap 2.5.1362 – Beta 2

Quite a substantial set of changes since the first beta, including

  • Added ‘tip of the day’ at startup. Will slowly add more tips. Hopefully will increase visibility of features.
  • Improved performance when Debayering raw frames from colour cameras – higher frame rates on ASI174MC and lower CPU usage.
  • Provide feedback if you try to adjust a control that can’t be changed (perhaps due to settings of other controls)
  • Give more space to the slider part of controls – more compact ‘auto’ buttons.
  • Make Histogram display full 16 bit range for bit depths more than 8 bits.
  • Better information in the status bar, particularly for long exposures (>5s) and info on time left in capture.
  • Add a selection rectangle control – the selection applies to preview FX, focus score calculations and the histogram.
  • New FWHM focus score routine for focussing on a star (must use selection area). Improved contrast detection focus routine.
  • Control+Mouse Wheel now changes the zoom of the preview area.
  • Many bug fixes.

As usual, find the installer on the download page.