SharpCap 2.1.915 Released

A couple of significant new features in the 2.1 release of SharpCap, plus the usual raft of minor improvements and bug fixes.

  • New feature – Bahtinov mask focus assistant. This will detect the 3 line pattern from a Bahtinov mask and show an indication of how near focus you are
  • You can now type values in the box that shows the value of a camera property – Just type a number and press enter.
  • If an exposure control shows its value in ms or s in the value box, you can type in 33ms or 1.5s and SharpCap will understand it.
  • New histogram, capable of showing all 3 channels at once for a colour camera
  • Further performance improvements for ASI/ZWO cameras
  • Fix for capture sequences not working when ‘single frame’ selected
  • Improved focuser control UI – should have more sensible step defaults and less drawing issues
  • Speed improvements starting QHY cameras
  • Custom resolutions available for ASI/ZWO cameras (click on Custom… in the list)
  • Several bug fixes from crash reports – thank you for taking the time to send in bug reports.

As always, available from the download page.

Note : 2.1.915 replaces 2.1.910 to fix a bug which resulted in a crash if the PC did not have the ‘Tahoma’ font installed