SharpCap 2.1.971 Release

This may be the last significant release for SharpCap 2.1 as I am now working on the next version which will have a significant UI refresh.

Anyway, this is what’s new in this version :

  • Support for ZWO ASI120MM/MC-S (USB3) cameras
  • Add current frame rate to status display.
  • Improved handling of ‘absolute’ mode focusers, deal with cases where they can be moved by external handset too
  • Updated Chinese translation (thanks to ZW Optical)
  • Improved detection of cases where the frame rate is too high to display all frames without bogging down the application. Frames won’t get displayed but will still get saved when capturing (if your hard disk is fast enough!)
  • Focus score (contrast detection) graph now averaged over several frames to make it easier to follow
  • Fix issues with the active camera not always being marked in the cameras menu
  • Fix bug when using single frame capture from the ‘Configure Capture’ dialog – subsequent attempts to capture caused a crash

As usual, the installer is available from the download page.