SharpCap 2.0.862 Released

SharpCap 2.0.862 fixes a number of bugs and adds some significant improvements, particularly for those using non-DirectShow cameras.

  • Preview transforms improved to work on 8 bit mono and 24 bit colour images (ie for most cameras now)
  • End long exposure frames early if stopping preview on a ZWO/ASI camera
  • Updated QHY SDK – corrects Bayer patterns on when using RAW mode in 16 bit depth on colour cameras
  • Capture file writing for QHY, ZWO/ASI, Ximea, Basler and ASCOM cameras now runs in a separate thread not the UI thread – should improve performance a bit and reduce dropped frames.
  • For the above cameras, SharpCap will now buffer up to 50 frames in memory if output file writing falls behind the image capturing. If the buffer gets beyond 50 frames, they will start being dropped.
  • For the above cameras, SharpCap will now skip previewing frames if the preview updates start to get behind the image capturing
  • Note: if the capture file output has fallen behind there may be a pause at the end of a capture of a few seconds while the buffered frames are written to file.
  • Fix bug where uninstalling SharpCap 1.5 will break DirectShow cameras in 2.0
  • Add missing file for Basler camera support
  • Check for updates option now in the Help menu
  • Several bug fixes from crash reports – thank you for taking the time to send in bug reports.

As usual, it is available from the download page. I will make it available by auto-update in a few days.