SharpCap 2.0.816 Released – please update!

SharpCap 2.0.800 (only available by auto-update) and 2.0.816 are bug-fix releases that fix the majority of bugs that have been uploaded via the crash reporting tool.

In particular, the following issues are fixed in 2.0.816

  • Fix crash when saving to AVI from ASI/QHY cameras on machines with missing AVI compression CODECs
  • Fix stack overflow crash when changing exposure on Ascom and Basler LX cameras
  • Stop application getting into an inconsistent state (preview showing, no controls) when there are problems with focuser or filter wheel control
  • Fix rounding error that was sometimes putting some of the controls just out of range, resulting in a crash
  • Fix crash when starting capture in SPC900 LX mode before a frame had been previewed
  • Re-order colour space list on ASI cameras to put RGB24 and Mono first

2.0.800 also resolved the following issues

  • Improve the reticule so that it stays over the same point on the image if you resize, zoom or scroll the preview window
  • Check for and warn about a missing/read only capture folder when starting a capture
  • Fix a number of crashes from bug reports
  • Add additional diagnostic logging for some bug report issues that are not clear cut
  • Fix crash in auto-update that seems to be occurring on Windows XP
  • Fix crash when the histogram is closed with the ‘x’ button and then re-opened
  • Fix crash on auto-update if download of new version fails
  • Fix crash with LX mode webcam if capture is started before a preview frame has completed
  • Remove ‘Beta’ text from installer and Start Menu links

Please continue to submit crash reports – I can generally resolve about 80% of issues that are reported just based on the report information.

Those of you on SharpCap 2.0 builds before .800 should upgrade – manually if the auto-update doesn’t work – I’m still getting lots of bug reports from build 787 for bugs that are fixed in build 816.