SharpCap 1.4.213

Here’s what is new in 1.4 :

  • Long exposure support for Basler cameras (unlimited exposure time)
  • Parallel port control support for LX modified webcams
  • Automatic USB serial port selection for LX modified webcams – chooses highest numbered serial port.
  • Frame progress bar shown for all cameras in LX mode to show how far through the current frame you are
  • Single frame capture support for all supported cameras types
  • Multiple output formats supported¬† – SER, PNG, FITS for non-webcam cameras
  • Experimental support for any camera with an ASCOM driver
  • Improved capture file handling – formats that produce multiple files like PNG and FITS create a folder and save them into it
  • Many bug fixes

Get the release build of 1.4 from the downloads page.