SharpCap 1.4 BETA Available

[Update 1st May 2011 – new beta build uploaded – follow download link below]

SharpCap has become too big now for me to quickly test every feature and combination of features before shipping a new build, so I’m going to start making beta builds publicly available for people to test. The beta builds are deliberately time limited – in this case it will stop working on the 1st May.

You are very strongly advised to try beta builds out indoors before trying to use them during an imaging session.

New Features in 1.4

For those that actually would like to know what’s new in this build, here’s the list…

  • Long exposure support for Basler cameras
  • Parallel port control support for LX modified webcams
  • Automatic USB serial port selection for LX modified webcams – chooses highest numbered serial port.
  • Frame progress bar shown for all cameras in LX mode to show how far through the current frame you are
  • Single frame capture support for all supported cameras types
  • Multiple output formats supported¬† – SER, PNG, FITS for non-webcam cameras
  • Experimental support for any camera with an ASCOM driver
  • Improved capture file handling – formats that produce multiple files like PNG and FITS create a folder and save them into it
  • Various bugfixes


You can download the beta using this link. (Updated link to build 212)

[Edit: download updated to hopefully fix problem if ASCOM not installed]

Reporting Issues

Please report any problems you have via the AstronomyShed or StargazersLounge forum threads.