SharpCap 1.5 Now Available

In some ways, not much change is visible in version 1.5, but behind the scenes there has been a lot of work, particularly for DirectShow cameras which have a completely new preview/capture implementation with a number of advantages :

  • No more ugly (and annoying) stop/start of preview when switching to/from capture mode
  • Much less code, hopefully less bugs!
  • A new frame divisor filter to drop all frames but 1 in N.
  • Ability (in future version) to apply transform filters to the AVI output if desired.

The pre-release versions have been out a while and no-one has reported any significant bugs with the new DirectShow implementation, so I’m hoping it’s solid. If it does break, please report the problem in the usual way, and anyway you can go back to using the old DirectShow code by looking further down the cameras menu.

Anyway, enough of that. The download link can be found here.