What’s New in SharpCap 2?

  • Native ASI Camera support*
  • Native QHY Camera support* (see separate news item)
  • Simplified bug reporting – just click to upload a bug report.
  • ASCOM camera fixes
  • Add AVI output support for non-WDM cameras (when the image format is compatible with AVI)
  • Reduce size of ASCOM fits files for 16 bit cameras
  • Add a circular Reticule (optional)
  • Improved Focus Score
  • Improved Histogram
  • Histogram & Focus Score now separate buttons on the toolbar
  • Basler camera fixes, updated to Pylon 3.2.3
  • Highest resolution mode selected when first opening a camera
  • Filter Wheel support (control wheel position from inside SharpCap)
  • Uses Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, not 2.0
  • Old DirectShow code removed
  • Many, many bug fixes


QHY and ASI native support means that you will probably not be able to use the WDM drivers for these cameras from within SharpCap. This is because SharpCap will have already loaded different versions of some of the camera components to activate native support, which will prevent the WDM drivers from loading.

If you want to use the WDM drivers and disable the native support, go to the SharpCap install directory and delete ASICamera.dll and/or FireQHYCam.dll