Beta support for QHY Cameras

I have been meaning to get round to this for ages, but been a bit busy recently… Anyway, there is a beta build of what will become SharpCap 2 available to download that should support the QHY5LII and other QHY cameras.

Sharpcap 1.99.623

In theory this build may support the following cameras :

IMG : 0S, 0T, 0L, 0X, 1S, 2S, 3S, 5S, 1E, 3T, 2P
QHY : 6S, 8L, 9S, 5, 5II, 5LII, 5TII, 5RII

At least the API that I am using supports the cameras in that list. I’ve only tested it with the 5LII colour – other test reports welcome. I expect it will work with the Mono cameras more easily than the colour cameras to begin with (the colour cameras will need me to wire in their bayer pattern to get raw modes working for certain).