SharpCap 2.7.1954 Beta

What’s new in SharpCap 2.7.1954 Beta?

  • Live Stacking – make Test Camera available in released code for experimentation with these features
  • Live Stacking – much improved handling of reading dark frames – will convert bit depth and 3/4 colour planes as required
  • Live Stacking – add options to save stack as a dark or as viewed (ie including histogram adjustments)
  • ZWO cameras – Bug fixes to SDK – fix crash on selecting low resolution (ie 800×600)
  • ZWO cameras – fix issue where selecting custom resolutions and binning could lead to a crash
  • Altair cameras – SDK update – support for updated GPCAM versions
  • QHY cameras – new SDK – support for more cameras and extra features
  • Timestamp frames – Fix bug where frames were being timestamped incorrectly in some compressed modes (YUY2 etc)
  • Frame grabbers – attempt to operate if driver has no media control interface
  • Handle disk filling up in a more rational way (ie report a message rather than ignoring or freezing)

Note that the live stacking feature does not yet support alignment of 16 bit depth images (and the test camera doesn’t yet support the rotation/offset functions on these images either).

As always, the installer can be found on the download page. Note that you should be able to install this version alongside 2.6, so no need to uninstall 2.6 first.