SharpCap 2.5.1297 Beta

This is the first beta of SharpCap 2.5 – here’s a quick rundown of what’s new

  • Where have the menu items gone? Many have moved to the new Settings Dialog which is in the File Menu.
  • Mount control of ASCOM mounts – look in the Hardware tab of the Settings Dialog
  • Improved control over how saved capture files are organized into folders and subfolders
  • Improved exposure control for many cameras – finer control and swap between long and short exposure optimized views of the control
  • Support for scripting many SharpCap functions using built-in Python interpreter. You can even run scripts at startup and add toolbar buttons that launch scripts.
  • Improved FITS file output support – proper 16 bit support and much more metadata stored in the FITS file
  • Full screen mode added which hides the menu – move mouse to top to get it back
  • Improved ZWO camera support – new SDK included which gives better support for recent cameras
  • Many, many bug fixes…

Beta update – build 2.5.1302

  • Update SDK from ZWO should fix some minor issues with ASI120 series cameras
  • More robus long exposure control of ZWO ASI172M* cameras

As usual, you can download SharpCap builds from the downloads page.