Why does SharpCap say there are no updates when there is a newer version on the download page?

New versions of SharpCap are usually only added to the auto-update system after they have been available for download for several weeks. This approach allows time for any significant new bugs to be found by those who download and install manually, avoiding the possibility of a large number of people installing a buggy version via auto-update.

If you want the latest version then just download and install manually from the download page.

Is there a version of SharpCap for MacOs? Linux? Android?

No, SharpCap is Windows only and we have no plans to create versions for other operating systems.

If you want to use SharpCap on an Intel CPU Macbook, you may want to consider using Parallels or BootCamp to allow a version of Windows to run on the machine. Boot Camp tends to be more reliable (especially with USB3 cameras) but is more complex to set up and maintain.

Should I use the 32-bit or 64-bit version of SharpCap?

The 32-bit version is the best choice for most people.

Reasons you might want to use the 64-bit version instead:

  • You are using a high resolution camera (>10 megapixels) and are experiencing errors with SharpCap running out of memory while Live Stacking

Reasons that you might not be able to use the 64-bit version:

  • You have a 32 bit version of Windows or 4Gb or less of memory
  • You are intending to use a StarlightXpress or iNova camera (not supported in 64 bit)
  • You have an old or low power CPU that does not support the AVX instruction set
  • You are using an ASCOM camera or ASCOM hardware that does not have a 64-bit driver.