What’s New in SharpCap 2.9.2529

This updated beta build has a lot of bug fixes in it, along with some significant changes to the way that the Focus Score feature works, particularly if you have an ASCOM focuser connected to SharpCap.

With a focuser connected, a new graph mode is available that shows a plot of the quality of focus against the focuser position. Green up pointing triangles are readings taken when the focuser is moving in the +ve direction, red down pointing triangles are readings taken when moving in the -ve direction – these are different to allow you to cope with any backlash in the focuser position. You just need to get the focuser position (shown by the blue vertical line) to the maximum (or minimum – for FWHM) of the graph and your focusing should be done.

The full change summary is:

  • File Naming – creates sequentially numbered files instead of multiple files called 0001 in different directories
  • File Naming – more informative name for single frame captures.
  • Live Stacking – pause button added to temporarily stop adding new frames
  • Live Stacking – better file naming
  • Live Stacking – Add digital gain and other new star detection tweaks.
  • Focus Score – Add new Fourier Transform Focus Score
  • Focus Score – Add smoothed trace to bar chart
  • Focus Score – Add mean value to bar chart when using an ASCOM focuser
  • Focus Score – Add new graph of score vs position when using an ASCOM focuser
  • Focus Score – Remember size/position of selection area
  • Test Cameras – Improved planetary test camera
  • Updated SDKs Altair, QHY
  • Attempt to fix vanishing histogram bug
  • Fix colour order wrong in dark stacks on colour cameras
  • Many bug fixes