SharpCap 2.7.2135

This version of SharpCap contains fixes for a couple of bugs found in build 2125

  • Live stacking resets on ZWO cameras whenever the sensor temperature changes (also on other cameras with temperature sensors)
  • Timeouts on very long frames on some Altair cameras

Additionally, 2125 made the following changes over 2108

  • Fix broken saving from live stack under some circumstances
  • Fix saving to AVI files from mono astro cameras creating an RGB AVI (note that the mono AVI now created is upside down – it was turning it the right way up that made it get converted to RGB by DirectShow)
  • Add support for trigger mode on latest Altair cameras (latest model GPCAM)
  • Live Stacking – disable alignment in RAW modes as it would lead to the different colour channels being mixed
  • Live Stacking – do not include star highlight boxes when saving ‘As Viewed’
  • Updated Altair and ZWO SDKs