Old Releases

SharpCap 1.1.30 released!

  • Support for LX mode on modified webcams (SPC900, etc).
    • Serial control only right now, configure from the options menu. Most likely config is select the right COM port and choose RTS for the exposure control line.
    • Press the ‘LX Mode’ button on the toolbar to enable/disable LX mode
    • LX frames saved as a sequence of PNG images
    • If you want parallel port control, ask on the SGL thread.
  • Various bug fixes. Should work on cameras which fail to report an available mode list to DirectShow

SharpCap 1.1.25 released!

  • New preview filters – frame stacking, RGB align, ‘image boost more’.
  • Ascom focuser support (see focuser menu).
  • Experimental night mode (in options menu).
  • Fix warnings for when frame rate and exposure produce an invalid combination to happen correctly
  • Faster startup with SPC900 attached
  • Correct exposure values for SPC900 to align with normal DirectShow exposure values (ie -4 now longest exposure, -14 shortest, long exposure values to the *right*)
  • Some UI fixes

SharpCap 1.1.21 released!

  • New UI layout – single main window with docking panels for controls etc.
  • Add zoom functionality for the preview window.
  • Deal with cameras that can’t report their frame rates – show a selection of frame rates which might be accepted by the camera
  • Make the histogram have a logarithmic scaling in the y axis – see more detail without a few peaks making all the rest too short to see
  • Various minor fixes and tweaks

If you have any issues with 1.1.21, please let me know – there may be some because the changes are quite big this time around.

SharpCap 1.0.19 released!

  • Midpoint over at SGL has been busy again and kindly implemented a histogram function. All I did was build the code and upload the new installer 🙂 You’ll find it under the preview transforms dropdown.

SharpCap 1.0.18 released!

  • Added options to limit capture by frame count or time (thanks to Midpoint@SGL).
  • Clean up cancelled capture AVI files, option to delete last capture, option to open capture folder (also Midpoint’s work).
  • Saves a .CameraSettings.txt file alongside each avi with the camera parameters in it.
  • New focus score algorithm, should be better for planets/stars, won’t work on the moon or terrestrial scenes
  • You can now see in the toolbar which preview transform you have applied (if any).
  • Added a couple of missing source code files into the installer.

SharpCap 1.0.17 released!

  • Fix crash on startup with no camera or camera with no name installed.

SharpCap 1.0.16 released!

  • Some changes to help diagnose problems that are causing SharpCap to crash on startup – see section below on troubleshooting.
  • Hopefully fixes crash on startup on Vista (third time lucky!)

SharpCap 1.0.12 released!

  • Adds ability to control SPC900 webcam settings direct from SharpCap
  • Default profile is now per webcam type, rather than global

SharpCap 1.0.11 released. Adds a reticule overlay which can be moved (left mouse button) and rotated (right mouse button).