What file format should I save my images or videos in?

If you are using SharpCap for Astrophotography with a camera that is specially designed for Astronomy, then we would recommend the following:

  • Capture videos of the sun, moon or planets to SER format using RAW8 (if you have a colour camera) or MONO8 (if you have a black and white camera). If neither of these options is available, choose RGB.
  • Capture still images of deep sky objects for further processing using RAW12/14/16 or MONO12/14/16 to FITS format.
  • Save processed images for viewing (for example from Live Stacking) to PNG format.

If you are using SharpCap for general imaging, you may wish to use AVI format for videos and PNG format for still images.

If you are capturing long videos (for example an all-sky camera), choose RGB and save the video to WMV format.

Finally, if you are imaging transient events such as occultations, you may wish to consider saving to ADV format.

Category: Getting Started