Can I buy a permanent SharpCap Pro license?

Yes, you can now upgrade from a SharpCap Pro annual subscription to a lifetime license. Just visit the lifetime license page and enter the email address used for your current license to get started.

If you do not yet have a SharpCap Pro license at all then you cannot buy a lifetime license straight away. Just buy a 1 year license in the normal way, check you are happy with SharpCap Pro for a few weeks and then follow the link above to upgrade. Don’t worry, you won’t pay more, since you will get a discount off the lifetime license to account for the price you paid for the yearly license.

What happens when my SharpCap Pro license runs out?

If your license has run out then you will be unable to use the SharpCap Pro features any more (except in trial mode). SharpCap will start reminding you that your license will expire about 30 days before it ends and we will send you two reminder emails, so you have plenty of time to renew your license before it runs out.

Can I try SharpCap Pro before I buy?

Absolutely – just select the SharpCap Pro features that you are interested in and start using them. For most SharpCap Pro features, the only restriction is that you cannot save any images while you are trying out features without a license. For Polar Alignment, you cannot access the final adjustment stage in trial mode.

When you decide to try out a SharpCap Pro feature, SharpCap will let you know what restrictions will be applied and give you the chance to continue with the trial or cancel if you want. To get back to normal (no restrictions) just close and re-open SharpCap.

I want to use SharpCap Pro on two computers – do I need two licenses?

As long as you bought SharpCap Pro as a private individual for your own personal use then you don’t need a second license. You can use your personal license on any computer you own and additionally one computer that you don’t own as long as you are the main user of that computer (this allows you to use the license on a work supplied laptop).

If you are using SharpCap for a business, or an educational or government institution, you must buy a separate license for every computer which will be used to run SharpCap Pro.

SharpCap says my new license isn’t valid – what’s wrong?

Sometimes your email program may change the text of the license – perhaps to translate it into your language or to add or remove line breaks. Any changes to the license text will make SharpCap reject the license code.

Check the email containing your license – you should see that it has an attached text file that contains a second copy of your license key. Open the text file and try using that copy of the key which should not have been altered.

You can find more help regarding license keys on this page.

How can I buy a SharpCap Pro license?

Follow this link – you can choose your preferred currency and you can pay using PayPal, or using a credit or debit card or one of a range of digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Once you have paid, we will send you an email containing a license key which will unlock all the SharpCap Pro features for 1 year. The email will be sent to the email address used for your PayPal account or the email address that you enter when paying using a credit or debit card. If you haven’t used PayPal for a while, check that your email address is up to date. You should also see your license code in your web browser when you return to the SharpCap web site after your payment is complete.