SharpCap 3.3 Beta

About SharpCap Beta Versions

Be aware: Beta versions of SharpCap have had less testing than usual and may contain unfinished or experimental features.

If you choose to use a beta version of SharpCap, please test the cameras and functionality you intend to use before an observing session to avoid frustration and lost observing time. You can install a beta version of SharpCap without having to uninstall the previous release version, so it’s easy to have both on the same machine and switch between them.

All beta versions have a built in time limit – they will only work up until a particular date (usually they have a life of a month or two). If your beta version runs out, check back at this page for an updated beta (or check the main downloads page for a new release).

You can use most SharpCap Pro features that are new in this version during the beta period without a license.

New Features

SharpCap 3.3 contains the following new features

  • The Sequencer – at long last – this is the big one and there’s lots to see here!
  • Still mode – Just deselect the live view button in the toolbar. Most cameras support this. Some tools will put the camera back into live mode.
  • ADC alignment tool – the planets are back and this might come in handy.
  • Pixel brightness readout – right now at the bottom of the reticules list – might move this later
  • Focuser backlash compensation option and Focus offset support when changing filters
  • ADV output format support for occultation imagers
  • Feature tracking improvements – track using camera ROI and track on object center-of-brightness
  • Option to flip the directions of the mount movement buttons
  • Mount movement hotkeys – CTRL + I/J/K/L or CTRL + Numpad 2/4/6/8
  • More than doubled performance in seeing monitor frame analysis
  • Double display in two monitor view (image displays on main and second monitor)

More detail on these features coming soon.

SharpCap 3.3 Beta Downloads

Latest Version
Download Version 3.3.6853.0
02 September 2020
Virus Total Scan Report

Download 64 bit versionNote: iNova, Point Grey and Starlight Xpress cameras are NOT supported in the 64 bit version of SharpCap.
Virus Total Scan Report
  • First public SharpCap 3.3 Beta
  • Improvements since the previous Alpha test version include: Two image displays in two monitor view, More sequencer blocks, Live Stack settings saved in capture settings file and much more.
  • Many other bug fixes and small features
Previous Versions