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Supported Cameras

QHY CMOS  and CCD Cameras
Altair Astro Cameras
GPCAM and HyperCam Cameras
ZWO Cameras
All ZWO Cameras
Most Starlight Xpress Cameras including Lodestar family
Celestron and Imaging Source Cameras
All Celestron/TIS Cameras
Point Grey (now FLIR) Cameras
FlyCapture based Cameras
iNova Cameras
All iNova Cameras
Webcams and Frame Grabbers
Most Devices

Cameras with ASCOM Drivers
Most Devices
Basler Cameras
GigE, USB and Firewire Cameras

Basler Cameras

SharpCap supports Basler cameras for high speed capture and also provides a unique LX mode with certain models that allows exposures beyond the normal limits of the camera.

Altair Astro Cameras

All Altair Astro cameras are supported in SharpCap.

ZWO Cameras

All ZWO cameras are supported in SharpCap.

QHY Cameras

All QHY CMOS Cameras are supported by SharpCap. Other QHY cameras are untested but should work.

Celestron / Imaging Source Cameras

Imaging Source DFK and DMK cameras are supported by SharpCap. Imaging Source cameras are now sold under the Celestron Brand as Skyris and NexImage cameras - these are also supported by SharpCap

Point Grey (FLIR) Cameras

SharpCap supports FlyCapture based Point Grey Cameras. USB, GigE and Firewire cameras are supported. SharpCap does not yet support Spinnaker cameras.

iNova Cameras

SharpCap supports iNova cameras.

Webcams and Frame Grabbers

There are a vast number of webcams and frame grabbers on the market. In general, SharpCap should work with any of them, but some cameras/grabbers have buggy drivers which may prevent them from working correctly with SharpCap. In any case, the controls that are available in SharpCap are determined by the driver - SharpCap just shows the controls that the driver makes available. Sometimes more controls are available in the 'Video Capture Pin' and 'Video Capture Filter' dialogs which are also provided by the device driver.

SharpCap still supports LX modified webcams that are controlled either by serial or parallel interfaces.

How is SharpCap Different?

Most basic capture applications, such as AmCap and similar programs require the camera to be restarted completely when moving between preview and capture mode. This can be a problem for modern webcams as the restart may through away camera settings that you have just adjusted by re-initializing the camera back to an 'auto' state. SharpCap can move between preview and capture mode without needing to stop and restart the camera, which sidesteps this problem completely, as well as allowing captures to start more quickly.

Additionally, SharpCap allows the images being captured from a webcam to be processed by all of it's sophisticated features available to dedicated Astro cam users - for instance Live Stacking and Polar Alignment are both usable with images coming from a webcam or frame grabber providing that a long enough exposure can be set to start seeing details and/or stars.

ASCOM Cameras

SharpCap supports cameras that have an ASCOM driver. Unfortunately not all ASCOM drivers are created equal - much like webcam drivers. While SharpCap works correctly with most ASCOM drivers, in some cases the driver may have bugs or may not follow the ASCOM standard in quite the way that SharpCap expects.