SharpCap 2.9 Downloads

SharpCap 2.9 Downloads

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Download Version 2.9.3086.0
30 May 2017
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The uninstaller for 2.9.3085 below is currently being falsely flagged as a security risk by Windows Defender. The *only* change in this build is the version number and good old Windows Defender is happy with it.
Download Version 2.9.3085.0
19 April 2017
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Download link removed due to Antivirus false-positive (Microsoft)

Fixes issue with notification bar not showing for very high resolution cameras

Download Version 2.9.3080.0
12 April 2017
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Download link removed due to Antivirus false-positive (Norton)

Adds user manual
Disable the UI during camera closedown and while changing resolution to prevent strange bugs like starting to capture on closing camera
Fix intermittent crashes on ASCOM camera closedown
Reduce memory usage when saving live stack
Fix various crashes caused by illegal characters in target name or capture path
Fix installation of Microsoft VC Redist failing on some versions of Windows

Download Version 2.9.3055.0
31 January 2017
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Various bug fixes
Updated SDK for QHY and ZWO cameras
Download Version 2.9.3032.0
16 December 2016
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Update version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redist to avoid clash with other apps
Update QHY SDK to support new cameras and bug fixes
Update ZWO SDK to support new cameras and bug fixes
Fix RAW colour space of Altair 1600C
Fix bug with wrong buffer size used when binning large resolutions on QHY cameras
Fix writing of FITS files in RGB24/32 format to be compatible with other apps
Ensure timestamps added to frames are always UTC
Embed an 8 byte digital timestamp in the first 8 bytes of each frame when timestamps are enabled
Fix many issues from crash reports
Download Version 2.9.3011.0
27 November 2016
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Fix issue with live stack alignment under some circumstances
Bug Fixes
Download Version 2.9.2999.0
09 November 2016
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Updated QHY SDK – adds support for more cameras and fixes bugs
Fix issue with only one capturesettings file being created when taking multiple snapshots
Fix dark subtraction issues
Fix bug with changing resolution on QHY cameras when binning activated
Download Version 2.9.2965.0
22 October 2016
md5: e226498793f3207d7d11b8b80576aff3
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Altair Cameras – updated SDK with new model support and bug fixes
QHY Cameras – updated SDK with bug fixes
Other bug fixes
Download Version 2.9.2953.0
16 October 2016
md5: a5ab7c74b627d871c6ac617410e000f8
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Add support for ZWO EFW filter wheels without needing the ASCOM driver
Fix for ASCOM cameras that report they have BayerRGGB sensors
Fix for issue with Polar Align and LX Webcam using all CPU
Update QHY SDK to 7.4.11 – Many improvements
Add date of build to Help->About window
Download Version 2.9.2936.0
md5: b434cf2bd577a0e017536a58f68fb464
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Option to apply debayering to colour ASCOM cameras that wrongly claim to be mono
Bug fixes
Download Version 2.9.2929.0
md5: 91f25366f7954a1b901290614a53ed0a
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ZWO Cameras – Updated SDK – Adjustment for pattern on ASI1600MM
Altair Cameras – Updated SDK – Support for new models
Scripting – fix several crashes related to scripting or repeated actions
Polar Alignment – fix issue in locales using ‘,’ as decimal separator
Focus Score – fix crash in 16 bit mono
Download Version 2.9.2915.0
md5: 7faa0a0d61891aa8b14e201582bfcccc
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 QHY Cameras – Updated SDK – Support QHY163, Gain now in dB for QHY174,178,224,290, Add new controls for some cameras
ZWO Cameras – Updated SDK – Can control fan on ASI1600 with on board hub, Binning now reduces noise instead of boosting brightness
Meade mount control now supported via LX200 Ascom driver
Fix crash when trying to draw detected stars on 16 bit mono frames
Download Version 2.9.2895.0
md5: b74b9e8b8a628957aad7c904720711c9
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Enable GPS functionality on QHY-GPS cameras
Fix crash when selecting lower resolutions in RAW on Altair cameras
Fix for individual saved frames in live stacking in non-RAW mode not being the raw frames – was actually saving the stack!
Download Version 2.9.2877.0
md5: bf73ccebea66f9e11066b322884315c4
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(Build 2869 replaced with 2877 due to crash when trying to view the settings)
Download Version 2.9.2739.0
md5: 670f7146365823674787fc32fa83fd1c
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Updated ZWO SDK – Fixes issues with ASI1600 hanging/banding
Fix thermal stats (temperature, cooler power) not updating on ASCOM cameras
Download Version 2.9.2733.0
md5: b857f2982600fb316b958379b92c92ce
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Improvements to Polar Alignment Star Detection
Updated QHY SDK (includes support for Broadcast live feature)
Bug Fixes
Download Version 2.9.2709.0
md5: b99ce3ce07da5babaa756f14a49f1c0a
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 Release candidate of SharpCap 2.9