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Support SharpCap

SharpCap is a project that I work on in my spare time - so far I've put hundreds of hours of time into developing SharpCap. If you enjoy using SharpCap here are some ways you can help its continued development :

  • Report any bugs you find and update to the latest version to make sure you get the latest and greatest code.
  • Pass the message on - SharpCap has picked up quite a lot of users now, many of them by word of mouth. Keep that going by telling your imager friends about SharpCap
  • If you want, you can donate via Paypal. I won't claim this
    will go towards feeding my starving children, but it
    would help towards the next astro or computer gadget I buy :)
  • If you manufacture or distribute Astronomy cameras and would like to see SharpCap support your camera, get in touch. Your camera would need to have a stable API and you'd need to supply a sample for development and ongoing testing.