I've had a few messages from SharpCap users who have had difficulty in getting the AVI files they have captured to stack properly in Registax. Sadly, getting Registax to deal with a full range of different AVI compression methods is a bit of a black art, so here are some pointers to hopefully get you going...

  1. Try changing the colour space/compression setting. A vanilla install of Registax 6.1 on Windows XP will happily cope with an AVI in YUY2 format, but not MJPG for instance.
  2. Try converting your AVI to an 'old format AVI' using VirtualDub ( Open your AVI and then use 'Save old format AVI' from the file menu. This won't help if your AVI looks wrong when loaded into VirtualDub
  3. Install the FFDShow codecs ( Don't pick the stable beta 7 release which doesn't seem to have the config programs in the start menu, instead try the 'SVN 32 bit Generic' version. Just installing FFDShow seemed to fix MJPG for Registax6 for me.
  4. Configure FFDShow for VideoForWindows - you'll find the config program in Start->All Programs->ffdshow->VFW configuration. Once you've started it, select the 'Decoder' tab, click on 'codecs' at the top of the list under the tabs and scroll down to the format you are trying to get to work (ie MJPEG). Change the 'disabled' to 'libavcodec' and press OK.
I find that once I have FFDshow installed and working pretty much any AVI will open in Registax.

Having said all that, I don't actually use Registax myself - I find the UI pretty unintuitive and the workflow positively mindboggling. Instead I prefer AviStack ( AviStack also requires some tweaking to get it to read all AVI formats...

  1. Always download the 32 bit version of AviStack, even on a 64 bit windows box - otherwise the next trick will not work.
  2. Follow the instructions half way down the AviStack main web page to get and install KsGravi ( This allows AviStack to access any file format that Video For Windows can handle. You need to copy the two files mentioned into the folder with AviStack2.exe (with the CD icon) in. Use the KsGravi_vs2008 version of the download if nothing changes having installed the first version.
  3. You need to install FFDShow and configure it for VFW as shown above for Registax.