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2.8.2260 Bug Fixes

posted Mar 5, 2016, 2:21 PM by Robin G
Build 2260 is largely just bug fixes for problems in the initial 2.8 build

  • Dark capture - fix for DirectShow cameras and ignore first frame in case it's not really dark
  • DirectShow cameras now show correct exposure time in ms/s rather than raw value
  • AVI output from astro cameras - fix orientation
  • Fix bug which caused crash if capture profile has invalid value
  • DirectShow cameras - start in highest resolution rather than lowest
  • QHY - add support for built in filter wheel (don't use ASCOM driver).
  • Live Stacking - write capture settings file for each capture
  • Live Stacking - improved alignment code
  • Fix bug with sequence of single frame captures locking up
  • Fix bug which could cause crashes in Bahtinov detection and other issues