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Known Issues

All software has niggles and bugs. Here are the currently known ones in SharpCap :

Open Issues
  • Intermittent system hangs or blue-screen-of-death on some systems when using SPC900 cameras. This is a bug in the drivers for the camera, which are unlikely to be updated. I cannot reproduce this issue reliably, only getting a very intermittent hang when unplugging the camera while capturing. If anyone can get this to happen reliably, please tell me how. The following may help reduce the incidence of the problem :
                    Do not disconnect the camera while SharpCap is using it
                    Do not sleep or hibernate your laptop while using the camera
                    Do not run SharpCap two or more times
  • Basler cameras cannot switch between native Basler more and Genicam mode without shutting down and restarting SharpCap

Fixed Issues
  • [Fixed in 1.3.112] Application crashes if you select an LX camera and don't have a valid LX serial configuration.
  • [Fixed in 1.3.110] SPC900 and related webcams - the Win7/Vista driver does not report frame count information. This leads to a warning message in the status bar and the limit capture by frame number not working. It's more awkward to work around than I originally thought, too...
  • [Fixed in 1.3.110] Night mode - the clear area over the preview does not resize correctly when changing the capture resolution. Moving or resizing the main window causes it to change to the right size.
  • [Fixed in 1.3.110] Basler Mono cameras currently not working.