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Beta Versions

The Beta program for SharpCap 3.1 is now running!

About SharpCap Beta

Be aware: Beta versions of SharpCap have had less testing than usual and may contain unfinished or experimental features.

If you choose to use a beta version of SharpCap, please test the cameras and functionality you intend to use before an observing session to avoid frustration and lost observing time. You can install a beta version of SharpCap without having to uninstall the previous release version, so it's easy to have both on the same machine and switch between them.

All beta versions have a built in time limit - they will only work up until a particular date (usually they have a life of a month or two). If your beta version runs out, check back at this page for an updated beta (or check the main downloads page for a new release). 

You can use most SharpCap Pro features that are new in this version during the beta period without a license.

NOTE: If your camera is not detected, you may need to install the SharpCap Pre-Requisites Installer. You only need to do this once, not for every new beta build.

SharpCap 3.1 Beta Downloads

Latest Version 
Download Version 3.1.4538.0
21 October 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • QHY Cameras - support cameras that cannot run in live mode
  • ZWO Cameras - update SDK to
  • ASCOM Hardware - option not to connect to hardware on camera startup
  • ASCOM Mounts - support mounts that cannot track (ie ST4 mounts)
  • Live Stacking - fix memory leaks and deadlocks
  • Dark Subtraction - improved hot pixel detection and removal
  • Dark Subtraction - remove darks that have been deleted from dropdown list
  • Sensor Analysis - try to fix autoexposure hunting up/down issue.
Older Versions 
Download Version 3.1.4505.0
18 October 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Templated filenames option in Live Stacking
  • Improved startup speed
  • Plate solving settings added
  • Altair cameras - updated SDK
  • Many bug fixes
Download Version 3.1.4477.0
15 October 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


Bug fixes, including
  • Fix crash in Feature Tracking in installed builds
  • Fix crash when swapping cameras with Smart Histogram brain showing
  • Disable smart histogram brain 'Apply' button when no solution
  • Improvements to Smart Histogram suggestions
Download Version 3.1.4460.0
12 October 2017
Virus Total Scan Report

Loads of new features including
  • Smart Histogram
  • Sensor Analysis
  • Feature Tracking
  • Seeing Monitor and Auto-Capture
  • Starlight Xpress Camera Support
  • Blind Plate Solving
  • Filename Templates
  • More efficient memory usage

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Remember that installing the SharpCap 3.1 Beta will not uninstall SharpCap 3.0, so if you have any problems with the new version you can quickly switch back to the old version of SharpCap which will still be on your computer