SharpCap 3.2 Beta

About SharpCap Beta Versions

Be aware: Beta versions of SharpCap have had less testing than usual and may contain unfinished or experimental features.

If you choose to use a beta version of SharpCap, please test the cameras and functionality you intend to use before an observing session to avoid frustration and lost observing time. You can install a beta version of SharpCap without having to uninstall the previous release version, so it’s easy to have both on the same machine and switch between them.

All beta versions have a built in time limit – they will only work up until a particular date (usually they have a life of a month or two). If your beta version runs out, check back at this page for an updated beta (or check the main downloads page for a new release).

You can use most SharpCap Pro features that are new in this version during the beta period without a license.

New Features

SharpCap 3.2 has a focus on improvements to Live Stacking – changes include

  • Noise reduction and sharpening
  • Saturation control
  • PHD2 dithering support
  • Option to save exactly as seen on screen
  • Expanded control view when in two monitor mode
  • Auto stack save and reset option

In the rest of the program watch out for

  • Folder monitor virtual camera
  • Much improved night mode
  • Two monitor mode
  • Filename template improvements
  • Flat frame capture includes subtracting bias
  • Many bug fixes
  • Simplified installer (no need for pre-reqs installer)

More detail on these features can be found here.

SharpCap 3.2 Beta Downloads

Latest Version
Download Version 3.2.5781.0
29 September 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • New feature – horizontal banding suppression in the Preprocessing Controls
Previous Versions
Download Version 3.2.5776.0
27 September 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Tweaks to night mode UI
  • Set OBJECT header in FITS files from target name
  • Cancel Altair long frames without stopping camera
  • Bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5762.0
18 September 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5760.0
15 September 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Extend maximum auto exposure time for Altair cameras to 15s
  • Fix problem with expired licenses not being reported correctly in the license info window
  • Fix shading of areas below the black point in focus tools for 16 bit images
Download Version 3.2.5756.0
13 September 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Put High DPI behaviour back the way it was as change made icons in taskbar display wrong
  • Fix manual location of plate solver to work correctly if an automatically located plate solver existed too
  • Fix Altair cameras not setting fan speed to last used value on opening camera
  • Add option not to compress TIFF files for enhanced compatibility
  • Bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5747.0
07 September 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • User Manual (Help->View Help) updated to a new draft documenting version 3.2
  • Bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5735.0
05 September 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Updated Altair SDK – bug fixes and new models
  • Updated ZWO SDK – bug fixes and new models
  • Bug Fixes
Download Version 3.2.5725.0
27 August 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Change how HighDPI is handled – experimental
  • Fix Geolocation in Polar Alignment settings
  • Remove ‘Default Zoom’ setting as it had no effect
  • Fix some typos in the UI
Download Version 3.2.5718.0
22 August 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Improvements to support for DSLR ASCOM driver (see this forum thread)
  • Scripting related improvements
  • Fix bug where image display area did not change when switching resolution on a DirectShow camera
  • Fix offset values miscalculated in sensor library for some cameras in 8 bit modes
  • Add FrameType dropdown in toolbar if custom filename templates are in use. FrameType can be used in template
Download Version 3.2.5708.0
19 August 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Stability improvements when used with DSLR ASCOM Driver
  • Improvements to hang detection and reporting
  • Improved handling of out-of-disk-space problems
  • Add a ‘X’ button to delete dark/flat file list items
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5696.0
15 August 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Improvements to dark subtraction to reduce artifacts due to hot pixels
  • Fix flat frame overcorrection issue when auto bias subtraction used
  • Fix colour issue with filter wheel buttons in dark mode
  • Fix pan/tilt when using flip on ZWO cameras
  • Various other bug fixes
  • This beta version will run until 30th September
Download Version 3.2.5678.0
26 July 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix scrambled image on PGR cameras in 16 bit modes
  • Add missing PGR related dlls – should no longer need to install FlyCapture 32 bit on 64 bit systems
  • Altair Cameras – updated SDK for new models
  • Add a second Auto-White-Balance option in Live Stacking – based on star colours
  • Various bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5664.0
20 July 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Altair Cameras – updated SDK, show cooler power on TEC cameras
  • Fix temperature refresh not happening on PGR/Flir cameras
  • Remember if user turns off alignment in live stacking
  • Remember last movement rate for ASCOM mounts
  • Some dark mode UI fixes
  • Various other bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5647.0
13 July 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix issues with frame widths that are not a multiple of 4 in live stacking
  • Various bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5642.0
11 July 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix problem focusers not working when ASCOM 6.4 installed
Download Version 3.2.5638.0
09 July 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix crash with RGB cameras in Deconvolution
  • Fix folder monitor crash if previously used folder no longer exists
  • Avoid histogram clipping during sensor analaysis dark noise measurements
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.2.5634.0
05 July 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • Fix crash on starting the virtual folder monitor camera
Download Version 3.2.5633.0
04 July 2018
Virus Total Scan Report
  • This is the first publicly available beta version of SharpCap 3.2. You can read more about the new features available here.