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SharpCap 2.5.1406 - Beta 4

posted Mar 13, 2015, 3:41 PM by Robin G
Well, I wasn't initially planning on any more beta releases, but here we are anyway. A couple of unpleasant bugs fixed with ASCOM mount control (which will teach me that developing against the EQMOD simulator can only get you so far) and a few other issues cleaned up too. Still working on getting the focus score routines to work as well as possible - this time adding a manual black level control that helps exclude the background from the calculation and gives a much better result.  ASCOM cameras have also had some work, re-factoring their code to use more of the common support framework used by other cameras and therefore hopefully be easier to maintain and have more features too.
  • Major update to ASCOM camera support - add temperature controls and improve many other aspects
  • Add black level adjustment to FWHM and constrast detection focus algorithms - improved accuracy
  • Bug fixes and improvements to ASCOM mount support
  • Fix bugs relating to ASCOM Focusers
  • Fix a number of UI bugs
  • Update ZWO SDK to latest version.
    As usual, builds can be downloaded from the Downloads Page. Earlier beta builds will also offer this build as an auto-update.