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SharpCap 2.0.787

posted Sep 25, 2013, 1:39 PM by Robin G
Fixes since 2.0.778

  • Fix crash in auto-update that seems to be occurring on Windows XP
  • Fix crash when the histogram is closed with the 'x' button and then re-opened
  • Fix crash on auto-update if download of new version fails
  • Fix crash with LX mode webcam if capture is started before a preview frame has completed
  • Remove 'Beta' text from installer and Start Menu links

Fixes since 1.99.776

  • Remove crash if 2 copies running at once
  • Update to ASI SDK for ZWO/ASI Cameras
  • Hopefully fix QHY issues with no image
  • Correctly handle changing resolution/colour space when a transform filter or histogram is selected
  • Reset the reticule to central if you change the reticule style
  • Many bug fixes from crash reports