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SharpCap 1.2.34 released!

posted Feb 8, 2011, 1:39 PM by Robin G
  • Improved LX mode
    • No longer a toolbar button for LX mode, instead you'll see two copies of the camera in the Cameras menu - one for LX mode, one for normal.
    • If the LX mode version of your camera doesn't show in the menu and it should, open the camera in normal mode and choose 'Enable LX mode on this camera' from the options menu
    • A number of LX mode bugs fixed along with various tweaks.
    • You'll automatically be prompted for LX mode config when starting a camera in LX mode if the config is invalid (ie no serial port selected).
  • Various bug fixes
    • SharpCap should no longer get 'lost' - ie start with no visible window
    • A number of crashing bugs fixed
    • Some niggles associated with night mode fixed.
    • Tweaks to control of SPC900 camera that might reduce likelihood of BSOD.
  • All SharpCap configuration now in the registry - should remove the problems with crash on startup due to corrupted config file.
  • Major internal re-working to support exciting future plans.